How to Display Posts in a Page

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Query CategoryIn WordPress, we can configure Pages to display Posts in a specific Category. This is called pulling posts. One example of this feature is on the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. If you visit their webpage that lists each staff member, you’ll see it in action. The Page you are seeing has no content itself, but rather displays all Posts in the “Staff” Category.

The Page titled “Our Faculty, Staff and Advisors” doesn’t have any text or formatting in the editor, but rather is configured using the settings below the editor. If you scroll down the panel labelled “URI Custom Panel” you’ll see a slew of options. To embed a series of Posts into your Page you must make sure each Post is categorized appropriately. Once you have your Posts organized, find the option labelled “Query Category”. If you are using the URI Responsive Theme, you can find this option in the “Query Posts” tab of the “URI Custom Panel” box.

Query PostsYou can choose to use the drop-down menu to select the Category that you would like to display on your Page or you can use the field on the right to include multiple Categories. To find the Category ID, go to Posts -> Categories from your Dashboard, find the Category you would like to include in your Page, and the ID will be in the same row as the corresponding Category (the Category Slug can also be used in place of the Category ID).

You can choose as many categories as you wish, or simply enter “0” as the ID and all categories will be pulled.