How to Add Audio and Video Files To Your Site

We’ve already talked about how to add images and text files to your Pages and Posts, but not dynamic media.

Audio files can be handled the same way that all other files are handled; through the Media Library. Video files on the other hand are a bit different. Because videos can take up lots of space on your website and will fill up your upload queue quickly, we recommend a different approach.

When you have a video you would like to upload to your website, go over to YouTube and create a channel. Following the upload instructions, submit your video and go to the viewing page. Once you have your video live on YouTube, you need to get the shareable URL. To do this, simply click on the “Share” button underneath the playback window of your video and copy the link. The link should look like this:

From here you simply need to paste the URL into your content in your site. WordPress will see the YouTube link and show the video just like it would an image. When you are editing the text, you will simply see the link to the video. If you’d like, you can see the Preview of your submission and see how the video fits into your content. Below is an example of a video pasted into this Post.

Note: You must make sure that the video you uploaded to YouTube is listed as “Public” rather than Private or Unlisted. You may still post the link regardless but the video will not show up unless it is public.

The same instructions above also apply to using Vimeo. Simply copy the URL from the navigation bar in your browser.

YouTube will only allow you to upload a video shorter than 15 minutes without paying for the service. If you would like to upload a ideo longer than 15 minutes, use Vimeo.