How To Write and Edit a Post

A Post is a user-controlled section of text that can be referenced by other pages and posts and categorized or tagged with different keywords to make it easier to find. You can save a post as a Draft and work on it later or you can publish it straight to the public to see.

You can add different types of media to posts, including images, videos, and links to other website or posts. We will get to adding media to your posts and pages in a separate tutorial. (See Adding Media to Posts and Pages for more information)

To create a post, simply access the tab labeled “Posts” on the left of your Dashboard. From there you may give your Post a title and enter whatever you would like in the text box provided. You can also preview your Post before either publishing or submitting it for review.

Note: All users except for Subscribers may make Posts on your website. Contributors will see a “Submit for Review” button rather than “Publish”.  An Administrator, Editor, or Author may approve a Contributor’s Post for publishing.

–> If you want to know more about users and their respective privileges click here for another tutorial.
Quick Tip: The “Enter” or “Return (Mac)” key will automatically double space lines of text. If you want to single space hold “Shift” while pressing “Enter” or “Return (Mac)”

Here is a quick video outlining what was just described: