How to Write and Edit a Page

In WordPress, you can write either Posts or Pages. When you’re writing a regular news entry, you write a Post. Posts by default appear in reverse chronological order on your website’s home page. Pages, on the other hand, are for content such as “About,” “Contact,” etc. Pages live outside of the normal webpage chronology, and are often used to present information about yourself or your site that is somehow timeless — information that is always applicable. You can use Pages to organize and manage any amount of content.

Other examples of common Pages include Copyright, Legal Information, Reprint Permissions, Company Information, and Accessibility Statement.

In general, Pages are very similar to Posts in that they both have titles and content and can use your site’s settings to maintain a consistent look throughout your site. Pages, though, have several key distinctions that make them quite different from Posts.

Page Do’s:

  • For content that is less time-dependent than Posts.
  • Can be organized into Parent pages and Sub-pages.

Page Don’ts:

  • Pages are not Posts. They do not cycle through your website’s main page.
  • Pages cannot be associated with Categories and cannot be assigned Tags. The organizational structure for Pages comes only from their hierarchical interrelationships (i.e. Parents and Sub-pages), and not from Tags or Categories.

As mentioned above, Pages have all of the same settings and features as Posts regarding text formatting. To create a Page in WordPress, simply navigate to the “Pages” tab to the left of your Dashboard. This is where you will find all of the Pages written by the users on your website, with the author listed to the right of the title.

Note: To go back and edit a previously published Page, simply select “Pages -> All Pages” to view every Page that each user has written on your site (As a Contributer, you will only see what you have written). Just be sure to click “Update” before leaving the “Edit” page to save any changes you make.

Here is a short 5-minute video describing how to write a page:


(See WordPress Codex -> Organizing Your Pages for more information)