How to Add or Remove Social Media Icons

This tutorial only applies to the “URI Responsive Theme”

On the University of Rhode Island homepage, you may have noticed five small buttons in the bottom right-hand corner linking to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and an RSS Feed. These are removable and some departments may choose to advertise their respective pages from popular social media outlets. If you choose to enable these buttons, they will appear right below the header banner at the top of your website, but above any text or widgets.

To access these options, first navigate to the “URI Responsive Theme” tab and then the “General” tab. Here you will see several similar boxes titled “Custom ‘Social Media Outlet’ URL” (for example, “Custom Facebook URL”). Here, You can choose to disable a specific button by selecting the appropriate check-box.

If you choose to keep the button on your homepage, enter the appropriate address for your respective page.

Note: Be sure to include the FULL address of your page, (i.e. “ not simply “”

As long as the check-box is selected, a button will show up on your page, regardless of if there is a matching URL for it in the text box or not.

These buttons will be shown on every Page and Post on your website.

To configure the other Theme Settings see “Advanced Theme Settings”.