How to Add a Link to a Page or Post

Hyperlink iconsAs you have probably noticed, in almost every Post and Page on this website, there is text that is blue in color and will direct you to another page when clicked. These blue words are what we call Hyperlinks. A hyperlink is a section of text that when clicked, brings you to or opens another page, sometimes in a new window or tab. WordPress makes the task of inserting hyperlinks very easy for us.

Hyperlink dialog boxFirst, to make a hyperlink, find the text where you want the link to be located; this is called the anchor (an anchor could also be an image). Once you have done this, go ahead and highlight the anchor text with your mouse. Then go to the Toolbar where you will see two particular icons; one of these icons is an image of a chain link and it is used to add or edit hyperlinks, while the icon immediately to the right is an image of a broken chain link and it is used to remove hyperlinks. Click on the chain link icon to create your hyperlink, then a dialog box will appear. You will be prompted for the URL of the page you are linking to and the Link Text, which is the text that will appear on the page as the hyperlink’s anchor. Simply paste or type in the URL of the page you would like the reader to visit when clicking on your link. You will also be asked whether you would like to link to existing content on your website or open the link in a new tab. It is good practice to open links in a new tab when linking to pages that reside outside of your website, for example, this link to URI’s Facebook page.