Dashboard Features and How to Use Them

Your first look at your Dashboard

The screen that you are taken to once you log in to your site is called your WordPress Dashboard. From here is where you will edit and manage your website. Depending on your administrative privileges, you may see something slightly different, but it should look something like this.

If you don’t like they way your Dashboard looks, click the tab to the top-right labelled “Screen Options”.

From here you are able to customize what you see on your Dashboard. This is completely optional and only you will see it. You are welcome to not change anything you see currently but you can configure your screen to show recent updates. For example, you may choose to view boxes such as Activity so that you can easily monitor comments on your website. You also have the option to rearrange the boxes in your Dashboard by dragging-and-dropping them in any order you prefer and by choosing how many columns you would like to organize them in. This is simply a personal preference and therefore optional.

The At a Glance box is the most useful box that you can choose to display on your Dashboard. It displays almost everything you need to know about your website by showing how many posts, pages, or comments have been published. This is also the panel that will alert you of any comments pending approval.

More importantly, your Dashboard is where you will find all of the tabs that allow you to edit your website and add content. To the left of your Dashboard is a menu that outlines all of the tabs where you can configure your website. In the following tutorials, you will learn what each of these tabs do and what you need to know about them to make the most out of your website.